Autonomy for Cyber & EW

Focus Areas

Autonomy for Cyber & EW integrates autonomous capabilities into current cyber and EW defense applications to allow systems to respond at machine speed.  We strive to enable more dynamic and effective use of the EM spectrum.  Our development of engineering tools, principles, and frameworks facilitates continued development, modeling, and simulation of autonomous network threats and defense applications.

Prior Work

  • Scripted cybersecurity evaluation tools
  • Automated tracking of known cyber threat signatures
  • Integrated cyber security evaluation tools
  • Moving target defense techniques
  • RF-Enabled cyber
  • Node-connectivity in contested environments

Ongoing Research

  • Gain new knowledge and perform real-time tracking of evolving threats for cyber and EW defenses through development of online and offline machine learning techniques
  • Enable autonomous operations in the cyber and EW warfighting domains through expansion of engineering principles and tools
  • Evaluate the operations of autonomous cyber and EW tools using theory and experimental frameworks
  • Develop human-understanding introspective to machine intelligence