Multi-Domain Cooperative Systems

Focus Areas

The Multi-Domain Cooperative Systems focus area seeks to enable platforms that can coordinate to better achieve theater coverage and defenses. 

Prior Work

  • Methods to detect, locate, and report information regarding nuclear detonations in near real-time
  • Interface technologies that enable the timely, automated exchange of sensor exploitation results, cueing requests, and fusion of information between sensing platforms that operate in different domains
  • Applications to enable secure communication between nodes in contested environments
  • Design, development, and implementation of radio frequency (RF) tags that enable real-time remote location and positive identification of objects, assets, or personnel

Ongoing Research

  • Effective coordinated use of different sensor platforms across disparate domains
  • Sensing abstraction and architectures
  • Combining CNNs and RNNS and other machine learning approaches to analyze multi-INT data
  • Scalability
  • Development of multi-domain situational awareness capabilities