Autonomy Innovation hub for advanced flight and space systems

AutonomyNM’s goal is to promote autonomous systems collaborative research and education programs.

Located near Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, AutonomyNM boasts the advanced facilities and resources necessary to build and test innovative autonomous systems.

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High Bay Robotarium Testbed

4000 sq. ft. of indoor flight test space equipped with systems to measure sub-mm position accuracy and sub-degree orientation accuracy.

On-site Assembly Lab

Access to tools such as 3D printers and a variety of air and ground-based autonomous systems.

Collaborative Work Space

Sandia and its collaborators can easily conduct research in shared conference rooms, work spaces, and offices.

Why We Need A Test Bed

AutonomyNM exists to mature early stage research ideas to hardware implementations. This process helps inform and advance future technologies.

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Research Highlights

See AutonomyNM in action:

(Link opens in a new tab)GPS-Denied Navigation
(Link opens in a new tab)Multi Agent Systems
(Link opens in a new tab)Reinforcement Learning
(Link opens in a new tab)Robotic Inspection

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