Multi Agent Systems

Multi Agent Neural Control towards RL testbed

Image of Multi-Agent-Neural-Control-towards-RL-testbed-1024x694-2
Image of agent1
Image of agent2
Image of agent3
Image of agent4

The left shows our python simulations of reinforcement learning (top) and supervised learning (bottom) for multi agent control. The middle shows a multi agent communication graph in ROS. The right shows mid fidelity simulations in gazebo/rviz.

Multi Agent Hardware System

Here we see five drones flying in coordination using our multi agent control system. This system was also used for distributed vision research using the MNIST digits on the floor.


This was a multi agent targeting project. This slide shows initial work in Gazebo simulation. Agent 1 goes down mid flight, so Agents 2 and 3 reassign to the highest priority targets.


This video shows the results on hardware (sped up 16x).

Motion Capture

This slide shows the motion capture view of the same experiment.

Scalable Multi Agent Hardware

Image of Scalable-Multi-Agent-Hardware-a
Image of Scalable-Multi-Agent-Hardware-b

This is a custom drone we built to study smaller vehicles for use in multi agent settings.


We eventually moved to COTS multi agent drones – the Crazyflies. The left shows our simulation environment. The right shows five drones flying to their targets, which are sensed in real time.

Crazyflies – Model Predictive Control

Image of fireflies-1

We also implemented Model Predictive Control for 16 crazyflies in simulation (left), though we only tested on 1 in hardware (right).