Robotic Inspection

Spot the Robotic Quadruped – Ros/Gazebo Simulation

This is a simulation environment we use for autonomous robotic inspection research.

Inspecta and Communication

Image of inspecta1
Image of inspecta2

The left shows Spot with microphone, speaker, wireless, GPU and prototype push button interface. The right shows communication between an inspector and Spot.

Object detection in post processing

This video shows a prototype YOLOv5 object detection system implemented to give Spot more situational awareness and enable autonomous operations.

Object Detection for Inspection

Image of object1

The left shows simulated training data (Limbo) the right shows test time performance on real data.

Instance Segmentation for Inspection

Image of Instance-Segmentation1
Image of instance-segmentation2

We’ve also been exploring instance segmentation as a way to provide Inspecta with richer contextual awareness. Model is SAM from meta. Photo is from Limbo.